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We share here tips and tricks on how to improve your Smartphone’s performance, how to fix technical glitches using simple DIY tips, how to improve phone’s battery life plus a lot more. To put it plainly, we are your one-stop hub for all your phone’s problems and glitches. Subscribe today to get your daily dose of phone hacks right in your inbox! Get a peaceful digital life.

On our site, you will find a whole lot of information on phones, phone brands, phone parts and phone accessories. No more calling the phone repair guy every time you get stuck in some piddling phone issue. Save the money for your future and learn the Smartphone repair DIY tricks that actually work. No matter which brand of mobile you use, whether it’s an HTC, or a good old Blackberry, you can almost always find a fitting solution here on our site. We dole out tips and tricks for Windows, Android and iOS users and you can also find more about cross-platform compatibility of the apps that you regularly use at fairfax cell phone repair.

To add to it, you can learn more about how to bring back your phone to health if it fell into water, albeit accidentally. You can know more about how to fix the broken glass, where to go for a replacement battery and many aftermarket knowhow that you really, really wanted to know . 

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a white smartphone smartphone with water spilled on the screen

What to Do If Your Smartphone Accidentally Falls in Water?

Wait before you switch on to see of your phone works after you rescued it from water! Trying to switch on a phone which has just been rescued from water is like nipping the slightest buds of possibilities that your phone might work. Here’s what you need to do immediately after pulling the phone out […]

Corner of a mobile phone with a broken screen.

How to Repair Your iPhone 4’s (Broken or Dented) Screen?

iPhones, or for that matter any other Smartphone, are delicate products. Funny is that we often forget how delicate the objects are that we are carrying in our hands. Accidental drops can damage your phone, but not irreversibly. Even if you are using a good screen protector, you may not be able to protect the […]

Close-up Of Man Repairing Cellphone With Multimeter
** Note: Shallow depth of field

The Most Feasible Alternatives to Smartphone Repair

As with any other piece of electronic appliance, your Smartphone might just refuse work one fine morning. It is true when a Smartphone stops working it feels like you are digitally impaired. Going to a repair shop seems the easiest solution in those situations. However, if the warranty period is over, it is understandable that […]

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